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Why You Need a Postpartum Plan (And How to Make One)

Have you ever heard of a birth plan? Of course you have! It's almost a rite of passage for new moms-to-be. Some spend hours crafting the perfect birth plan, carefully considering every detail, from the lighting and music to the pain relief options. But have you thought about what comes next? Chances are you probably haven't considered a postpartum plan, and you're not alone. While much focus is placed on the birth experience itself, very little thought is given to what happens after the baby arrives but this can be a difficult time, filled with physical and emotional challenges. And without a plan in place, it can be even harder.

That's why it's important to create a postpartum plan.

This plan can help you prepare for the weeks and months after your baby arrives, ensuring that you have the support you need during this transition.

Here are some things to consider when creating your postpartum plan:

  1. Support System: Consider who will be your support system postpartum. This may include your partner, family members, friends, or hired help. Make sure to communicate your needs and preferences with them beforehand.

  2. Meal Planning: Planning meals in advance can make a massive difference in the postpartum period. Consider stocking up on freezer-friendly meals, or arranging for meal delivery services. This will help ensure you have healthy, nourishing meals without the added stress of meal planning and cooking.

  3. Rest and Sleep: Adequate rest and sleep are crucial for postpartum recovery. Consider ways to prioritize rest, such as taking short naps when the baby sleeps. This could also mean hiring a postpartum doula, asking family and friends for help, or delegating tasks to your partner. That's even possible, when you're exclusively breastfeeding! For example, your partner can take charge of nights by handling everything from responding to the baby's needs, giving the baby to you for nursing, burping the baby, changing the baby, and more.

  4. Self-Care: Taking care of yourself postpartum is just as important as taking care of your baby. Consider scheduling time for self-care activities, such as taking a relaxing bath or reading a book instead of scrolling on social media.

  5. Mental Health: Postpartum mental health is just as important as physical health. Consider speaking with a mental health professional before giving birth, and have a plan in place for postpartum support if needed. This may include joining a support group or scheduling therapy sessions.

Remember, your postpartum plan doesn't have to be complicated. You know yourself best, so think about your priorities! It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. The important thing is to have a plan in place so you feel prepared and supported during this time.

And remember, I am here to support you on this journey. If you need further guidance or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can create a postpartum plan that works for you.

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